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Our babies tend to be adopted pretty fast. I have received lots of emails and phone calls saying the puppy we love and wanted is adopted. So I have decided to start a reservation list for ALL our up and coming litters.
The puppy parents on our reservation list will get birth announcements as babies are born, have access to a private page with photos of the babies and parents. Our reservation list puppy parents will be able to see the babies before the general public and pick their new baby in the order as the reservation forms were received.  If you want to be added to my reservation list Fill our my adoption form and I will give you a call.

Sometimes are waiting list fills up fast. On our Daisy dog, and purebred shih tzu list we will only be taking 5 names at this time. Remember all our adults are tested including CERF,OFA and other to make sure you are 100% healthy before breeding.


This form is only for puppy parents that want a baby out of an up and coming litter. If you want a baby that is on the site right now you only need to send in our health warranty form.



Make personal check's out to Abuddy4u  or postal money orders payable to Cindy Miller


Received from: _________________________________________Date__________ $200.00 as a deposit on one FUZZY WUZZY PUPPY . The deposit will be taken off the cost of the puppy.

Address:______________________________________________________________________________ City: _____________________________________State: _________________Zip:_________________ Phone:__________________ Fax: ______________________E-mail:__________________________


This deposit is for a Male____________  Female___________ Fuzzy Wuzzy puppy. 


Approximate Litter Date:____________


If no sex of puppy is available with in 12 months your deposit will be refunded to you or you may have the choice hold it over for the next litter. If there is only one sex of puppy born you must take that baby or lose your deposit. If several sex puppies are born you must pick your baby no more then 7 days after the pictures are put on our web site. We must receive another 150.00 after the puppy is born and you pick you baby.


We must receive this by the time the baby is 14 days old. If you don't pick a baby with in the 7 days the next in line will have first choice. The date your deposit is received determines your order of pick. Please be aware we do not manufacture dogs, we are at the mercy of nature and therefore cannot guarantee delivery by any specific date.


This deposit is only refundable if we cannot supply you with a puppy with the sex you stated in this form with in 12 months.  If you elect to pass on a litter that is available to you, your deposit becomes non-refundable. After you talk to me you can mail this form to  Fuzzy Wuzzy Pups, PO BOX 225 Aurora mo 65605